Diagnosis API tutorial

Postman Usage

Postman is the desktop app that allows you to build, send and test API requests ??? without writing a proper code. It???s a quick and easy way to start your journey with the Diagnosis API. Postman is free and available for Windows, Mac, Linux. Use Postman.

Postman Collection

Diagnosis API is available as the Postman collection. The collection includes some endpoints and predefined requests that you can extend. It allows you to test the API in seconds. We have created a sample "Diagnosis API" collection for you. The collection located: https://postman.com/collections/7445d89fda1d633e08dd
To access the collection start Postman at your PC and open the collection as show on the figure below.

Also you can generate snippets of code to make the same requests from your web-application. Postman supports many languages and frameworks ??? cURL, NodeJs, PHP, Ruby and more.

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