Diagnosis API tutorial

API Reference


GET /GetTests/
    Returns all tests as JSON format in TestType datatype

GET /GetPanels/
    Returns all panels (groups of tests) as JSON format, List of Strings


GET /GetSymptoms/
    Returns all Symptoms as JSON format in SymptomType datatype

GET /GetCategories/
    Returns all Symptom Categories (Breathing, Muscles, Blood and so on) as JSON format, List of Strings


POST /DDxItems/
    POST as JSON DDxItem structure:
    string Id - A unique number as a client browser's fingerprinting identifier.
    string Tests ??? JSON format of entered Test Procedures in TestPostType datatype.
    string Symptoms ??? JSON format of entered Symptoms in SymptomPostType datatype.

GET /DDxItems/{id}
    Returns calculated diagnosis based on entered Tests and Symptoms as JSON format, List of Disorder datatype.
    Where 999999 is {id}, a unique number created as a client's fingerprinting identifier. It must be unique because several different users may run Diagnosis API calculation simultaneously. If you decide to use just a constant like itemID = "1", the data entered by your different clients can be intercepted and mixed.

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