Story behind Medical Tests Meaning

The Idea

Medical Tests Meaning mobile app was originally developed as a need for Rustemsoft's SmrtX Medical software division to design a system that provides clinicians, nurses, patients or other persons with knowledge and individual-specific information, sensibly filtered and presented at appropriate times, to improve health condition and health care.
We checked lots of diagnostic support apps. We needed an application that was easy, simple and covered all areas of the decision-making in the clinical workflow. In the end we built Medical Tests Meaning mobile app that works in a way that makes sense to our customers.

The Name

Why this app named Medical Tests Meaning? This is a self-describing name that essentially says what this app is about. Also this is a mobile app that is helpful for clinical therapeutics students at medical schools as educational software. Medical students are learning what blood tests mean.

The Doctrine

The doctrine for Medical Tests Meaning is simple. When we tried other Clinical Decision Support systems in the market place, we always found apps bloat and features that did not make sense to us. For any feature to get into an official release, it has to pass the SmrtX's "easy-to-use" test.
The key to Medical Tests Meaning is to provide you with excellent decision-making in the clinical workflow. From test procedures pipeline and right symptoms selecting, through to complete diagnostic support work. This is our workflow, it works for us and we think it will work for you as well.

The Result

The result is Medical Tests Meaning mobile app. God willing, you as a patient (or a clinician, or a nurse, or a student) will love the app as much as we do. We are aware that not everyone will want to work the way we do but we also think there will be a lot that do.
For those that join us, welcome along and hold on for the ride. It is going to be a good one and hopefully gives your business the efficiency and visibility that you expect from the medical diagnostic decision-making app.

The Family

We are family here at SmrtX - a community of workers who can be named 'Family'. Medical Tests Meaning is developed by people that actually use the app. We are a mixture of developers, producers, healthcare specialists and business owners. All have played a part in bringing Medical Tests Meaning to life. Our home is in Fox Point, Wisconsin, US. We play table tennis at work, drinking a lot of coffee, telling jokes each other. Sound familiar?

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