Making over Lab Test Report

If you got recently laboratory tests performed, you can have been given a copy of the report by the lab or your doctor. Once you get your report, however, it may not be easy for you to read or understand, leaving you with more questions than answers. You can use the Medical Tests Analyzer tool to help you understand your test a bit better.  
You yourself would have a hard time deciphering the lab results. The typical blood test report is a document that needs to be translated by a lab technician or doctor. But lab reports do not have to be incomprehensible. With some efforts and design-minded thinking provided in Medical Tests Analyzer, tests can be as informative to patients as they are to physicians. With a little context and color, we can make sense of the numbers. And with a bit more understanding, patients can become participants in their own health.  

Would you like to know what lab results mean? Medical Tests Analyzer Software helps to understand and explains your blood test.

Blood test results are presented in a column format. The test name is at the top. Many tests that can be run off of the same blood specimen are grouped together in a profile with the profile name at the top. An example of a profile would be a basic metabolic profile, with sub columns listing the individual tests on sodium, potassium, chloride, carbon dioxide, glucose, blood urea nitrogen (BUN) and creatinine. In the next column, the actual test result is presented in a number. The numbers are colored and each color provides a meaning. The next column would state the unit of measurement for the lab test. Another column will list the normal ranges for that particular test.  
The number colors are designed to quickly alert the reader of the test result to unusual or abnormal lab test results. The red result would indicate that the number is high compared with the normal range. The blue indicates that the number is low compared with the normal range. If number is black – the result within a normal interval.  
If a test result has an abnormal value you can find a short context that explains the situation. The explanation is listed below of the procedure result.  
You can read an article about each test procedure. Just move mouse over "Read more..." label and click on it. A pop-up article window will appear where you will find an explanation about the lab test purpose, test results and other related materials.  

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