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It does the linkage after thats your main assembly has been obfuscated.
The Linker interface calculated for linking manifold managed executables or assemblies into a solo module or assembly. Or you may suggest safe and sound the combined libraries behind Linkage.The assigned referenced and non-referenced assemblies will be connected into your ultimate obfuscated assembly afterwards as obfuscation is done for your existing open assembly. Entertain obfuscate the attached modules before Linkage. The Skater's exclusive Linker interface is the utility to facilitate can link various modules into a track file for operation. NOTE: The related assemblies will not be obfuscated. Concerning provides conclusive reward for your .NET project by growing reliability and security while dropping size. What time distributing several tightly related but detached DLLs is not that greatly of a plague, it would be a nice if, because they are so closely interlaced, you possibly will merge these different assemblies addicted to one. Frequently, if all the functionality of your distributed application is not vital at once, you valor want to think about having the application divided hooked on separate modules or libraries. It does the linkage nexts your main assembly has been obfuscated. Wish obfuscate the fixed modules before Linkage. Or you may hint at secure the united libraries after Linkage. The assigned referenced and non-referenced assemblies strength of character be linked hooked on your final obfuscated assembly thens when obfuscation is prepared for your current not closed assembly. NOTE: The coupled assemblies will not be obfuscated. The power to merge multiple libraries composed would simplify deployment in a lot of cases; applications to use several assorted languages or huge applications in black and white in the same verbal skill but built upon several different projects would do good to from single-assembly employment. The .NET runtime will oppress each part only while a type is referenced. When packaging you can mingle assemblies using the assembly linker. As well packaging everything interested in a single dossier will produce performance improvements, frequently because the loader does not gain to take the measure to resolve all the dependency issues. And, you do not have to apprehension about gone astray dlls when your application is deployed.Assembly merging is an acute perspective of any application including numerous assemblies. The Skater's special Linker interface is the advantage that can relate multiple modules hooked on a single rasp for deployment. It allows packet your application effectually. The Linker interface intended for between multiple managed executables or assemblies hooked on a single module or assembly.

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