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Nevertheless this way has some restrictions.A software license is a official instrument managing the procedure or redistribution of copyright confined software. There are .NET Licenser interface to is incorporated in Skater .NET Obfuscator and .NET Licenser API assembly that is a stand-alone .NET library. By via Skater .NET Licenser interface you will be capable to implement licensing devoid of coding. Skater .NET Licenser is Software Authorization tool planned specifically to improve secure .NET software programs and to present license control and addict validation services. You can decide on between two habits on how to implement your purpose licensing by using .NET Licenser. This key enables your software and allows the abuser to activate his license. From your application, the consumer enters the Order Add up to and Registration ID. Software Activation is the procedure of generating a computer jump license key. The .NET Licenser Web assistance then generates the unique record on web database someplace the computer rare identifier will be stored. The start Registration ID with your client Order Digit can be sent to your customer truthfully from you. To create the Registration ID use Skater Licenser interface. Your application so therefore calls the .NET Licenser API which sends the license key along together with a computer rare identifier to the .NET Licenser Web service. All time what time user determination start your diligence it will repress the identifier over the internet.

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