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Medical Tests Analyzer is an interactive Clinical Decision Support System (CDSS)

Clinical Decision Support System

Blood can tell you about your organ function, diet, metabolism, illnesses, and if you have certain diseases.
That's why doctors encourage their patients to get routine blood work done.
By analyzing the blood, scientists can detect illnesses before it's too late. Usually, the technician, nurse, or doctor will have you sit down on a chair with your feet on the ground.
This might seem scary, but it's quite straightforward. In a routine blood test, it might just be to check that nothing has changed since your last healthy test result.Often you're done in less than five minutes.
What Can Blood Tests Detect? The reasons for getting your blood tested vary. Or, they can explain why you've been "feeling off" for the last few months.
Getting blood taken can be scary for those who've never done it, especially children. It can tell you hundreds of things about your lifestyle and habits. You likely have lots of questions about the process and results.
A routine blood test consists of getting blood taken at your doctor's office or at a lab.

Given that these results are what form the basis of diagnosis as well as treatment. One of the main concerns with lab blood test analysis is the reliability of the outcomes of the tests. There are detailed procedures that each sample goes through. This is where a collection of information related on in-depth research on an illness or condition is put together for the benefit of doctors, who can then streamline their courses of treatment. With the way medical research is developing medical professionals can find it hard to keep up. Therefore there is an increasing dependence on evidence-based medicine. At the end of which the results are constantly verified and cross-checked to ensure that only the most accurate results are given.

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    DDxHub is a concentrator that holds a lot of disease descriptions. It relies on the System knowledgebase to diagnose a health condition.

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    Differential diagnosis Hub is the System distinguishing of a particular disease or health condition from others.

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