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This allows to excess of different potential, the most usual of which is if you have a fling where round about of the code was developed by a VB panel and others by a C# team.
.NET obfuscator the code security looks like code protection on software protection since Visual Studio.
Time there are definite values to departure these as two assemblies in other situations the payback of a single assembly is extra desirable.It works on executables and DLLs alike and comes plus several options for calculating the processing and plan of the output. Via Skater .NET Linker you can combine these two assemblies interested in one to distribute to your purchasers just comparable if you had coded them in one solution. Any more possible wear out, if you have built out your UI in one result and your business sense in a separate suspension you can combine these two assemblies addicted to one. Skater .NET Linker is a helpfulness for merging multiple .NET assemblies keen on a single .NET assembly. Skater .NET Linker hope against hope allow you to thresher multiple .NET assemblies interested in one. RustemSoft Skater .NET Linker tool allows you to relation .NET assemblies together addicted to a single dossier. If your executable relies on .NET assemblies, assembly linking is resounding to protect your application versus deciphering and hackers. For example, as an alternative of deploying main.dll, a.dll, and b.dll separately, you may possibly deploy main.dll via the Assembly Linker interface with the intention of is a significant piece of Skater .NET Obfuscator. The linker selectively links MSIL code putting as one only the compulsory classes and methods.The a.dll and b.dll choice be joined interested in the main.dll. When packaging, throughout the assembly obfuscation, you can combine assemblies by means of the assembly linker. Also it allows present your application effectually. Assembly involving is an acute angle of any application plus multiple assemblies. In arrangement with the further features of Skater .NET Obfuscator, assembly relating provides conclusive compensation for your .NET application by increasing reliability and security despite the fact that reducing mass.

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