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Software Foundation is the process of generating a PC bound license solution.
To generate the Registration ID use Skater Licenser interface. Your attention then calls the .NET Licenser API which sends the license key next to with a laptop unique identifier to the .NET Licenser Web check. The activation Registration ID and your user Send off for Number can be sent to your purchaser directly as of you. The .NET Licenser Web service afterward generates the special note down on web database where the PC unique identifier hope against hope be stored. This key enables your software and allows the user to activate his license.
From your single-mindedness, the user enters the Categorization Number and Registration ID. Each time whilst user willpower start your effort it will make sure the identifier over the internet. What's more by using the web-service you may hunk your application at user's PC if a license has been refunded by user.
By via Skater .NET Licenser interface you do not need to introduce additional instruction/code ranks into your .NET product and do not have to produce a reference to an outer assembly dll to implement licensing skin texture in your .NET executable. Just ajar your exe file in .NET Licenser interface, style licensing settings, and run Licenser. All added licensing subroutines and locales will be good protected and obfuscated by by Skater .NET obfuscator techniques..NET Licenser API assembly gives you ability to series the licensing features in your use source code. .NET Licenser will make the addition of the licensing subroutines and settings hooked on your compiled .NET application bytecode. By means of .NET Licenser API you will be competent bound your licensed concentration with user's hardware and restraint user PC single code trough endorsement web-service.

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