How to Order?

Medical Tests Analyzer helps with understanding and exploring medical lab results

Medical Tests Analyzer is available in several editions presented in the table below:

Standard Edition Professional Edition Ultimate Edition
Solo User license
Laboratory Package license
Fast Edit Form (to easily insert your blood-work results)
Complex Edit Form
Reference Ranges Interface
Analyze report
Setup Analyze report appearance and Print output
Save Analysis Report as Word Document (to send by email further)
Add New Test Procedure Interface (to create your own set of test procedures)
Save Test Charts into Word Documents (to send by email further)
Possible Health Conditions Analysis

Clinical decision support system to prepare a diagnosis

6 months tech support and version upgrade
Solo User license
Laboratory Package license

The Standard Edition is an economical solution for researchers who need to automate, organize, and explain complex patient's laboratory tests for tracking crucial information required for making quick and prudent lab test analysis.

In addition to options presented in Standard Edition by using the Professional Edition you will be able to save Analysis Report as Word document, use Add New Test Procedure interface to create your own set of test procedures, and store test charts into Word documents.

Also if you would like to Upgrade your current Medical Tests Analyzer license please contact us and we will point you to a right direction.


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