Urinalysis Reflex

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Urinalysis with reflex is feedback testing to further research abnormal test results found in a standard urinalysis test. It includes the urine culture testing to identify the specific type of bacteria present.

Urinalysis is the microscopic, chemical and physical testing of urine. It can explore much about the compounds that excreted into the urine, and can be helpful to diagnose a big amount of disorders.

In routine urinalysis a urine sample is observed for clarity and color, and tested for the presence of things such as excessive proteins, nitrites and bacteria that can indicate infection.

If in the standard urinalysis there are found abnormal levels of certain leukocytes, nitrites, blood or proteins, a urinalysis with reflex automatically calls for the further culturing of the urine sample to gather more information about the present type of bacteria, without a additional order being submitted.

Sensitivity and urine culture is the second step in a urinalysis reflex. This follow-up examination gives ability a urine sample to be microscopically explored over 24 to 48 hours to assess the growth of present bacteria or yeast. A doctor can make a more exact diagnosis of a urinary tract infection by gathering this information.

One more benefit to the urine culture used in a urinalysis reflex is that it helps a doctor define medications for a UTI treatment. By prescribing effective drugs in wiping out the specific bacteria found in urine sample he is better able to extirpate the urinary tract infection.

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