Rotavirus Stool Antigen

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The rotavirus antigen test is a test for the presence of rotavirus in the feces. Rotavirus is the most common cause of infectious diarrhea in children. Children 3 months to 2 years old have the most severe symptoms.

Rotavirus is a common pathogen that is the leading cause of gastroenteritis in young children worldwide. Dehydration due to rotavirus-induced diarrhoea and vomiting results in high mortality rates in developing countries and a large economic burden in developed countries. Rotavirus infection is thought to be localised to the gastrointestinal tract. However, there have been reports of rotavirus RNA in cerebral spinal fluid and serum of rotavirus-infected children. Rotavirus non-structural proteins have also been reported in liver and kidney sections from rotavirus-infected immuno-compromised children, suggesting that extraintestinal spread of rotavirus can occur during infection. Work in animal models of rotavirus infection supports the idea that rotavirus infection is not contained within the gastrointestinal tract. These findings suggest the possibility that rotavirus escapes the intestine into the circulatory system.

Test results
Rotavirus in the stool indicates a rotavirus infection is present.

Also you should know
Because rotavirus is easily transmitted from person to person, thoroughly wash your hands after contact with a child who is infected or thought to be infected. Any surface that has been in contact with stool should be disinfected.
Infants and children should be monitored for signs of dehydration.

Rotavirus can escape the gastrointestinal tract in children, resulting in antigenaemia and possible viraemia. This finding is important for the understanding of the pathogenesis, immunology, and clinical manifestations of rotavirus infection.

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